Simplifying the UI


This feature is only available using the NFT Checkout with NFTs priced in USDC / USDT on Polygon or USDtz on Tezos.

By default, the Widget shows all purchase information including the cryptocurrency amount and exchange rate. This information is also available in the order details and order history:

Confirm your purchase
‘Confirm your purchase’ screen
Order details and Order history screens
Order details and Order history screens

However, if you prefer to display less information to your users, these UI elements can be hidden from the interface.

For that:

  1. Contact Wert’s Support team to turn this feature on for your partner_id.
  2. Pass isCryptoHidden: true upon Widget initialisation as in the example below:
const otherWidgetOptions = {
      partner_id: '{your_partner_id}',
      isCryptoHidden: true,

As a result:

  1. The Widget will only load fiat amounts in the ‘You Pay’ and ‘Network fee’ sections
  2. Exchange rate’ will not be shown
  3. Order details will also only contain fiat amounts and won’t display ‘Exchange rate
  4. The ‘Failed order’ screen will only display the fiat amount
  5. Orders with isCryptoHidden: true will display only fiat amounts in ‘Order History’. Orders without this parameter will be displayed with both amounts.
‘Confirm your purchase’ screen
Order details
Failed order and Order history screens
‘Confirm your purchase’ screen


These UI elements will also be hidden from automatic emails users get for successful orders and receipts which they manually request.