Sandbox simulates the production environment by sending requests to the sandbox module for test purchases and smart contract interactions. It is connected to testnet blockchains, so it does not make real charges and does not use real coins. We also do not send OTP to your phone, code is always 0000


To ensure that you are testing in sandbox, please check the following:

  1. The origin parameter passed to the widget is set to
  2. You are using testnet commodities and smart contracts - see further details here.
  3. You have set up your webhook endpoint in the Sandbox Partner Dashboard.

Purchase amount and wallet address

We ask that you always use the minimum purchase amount, and if you can, please use one of our wallet addresses below. That way, you don't have to return the tokens to us. If this is not possible, please return the tokens to these addresses or to the wallet you received them from when you finish testing.


Sign up and login

The SMS verification code is not sent in sandbox; you can use any code to log in. You can sign up with any phone number and log in with any four-digit code.

Card details


Cards will not be charged in the sandbox environment, however we request that you do not use real card details in the sandbox environment. You can use any card number and expiry date, or generate one on this site. Based on the CVV you use, you can mock different payment responses.


The response you receive for simulated transactions depends on the CVV you are using. The following responses are available:

General failure400
Declined by issuer401
Incorrect card details402
Transaction limits exceeded403
Insufficient funds404
Incorrect CVV405
Failed card validation (card deleted)406
Failed card validation (contact support)407

 Billing address

You can use any billing address as a test.


You can use this sample ID to test the KYC flow. If you submit from a desktop device, any files will be acceptable as a selfie or address document, and the application will be approved automatically.


Please note that this applies to sandbox testing only. In production, real documents will need to be submitted.

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