Integration steps


At this stage you should already have your partner ID and sandbox credentials which you will need to complete the integration. If you don't have these yet, please check how you can get them here.

1. Initialize the widget

The first step in getting your integration ready is to initialise our widget. Depending on the module you will be using, you can check the Fiat Onramp page or the NFT Checkout page. The pages contain details on how to initialise the widget for your module along with all the parameters and methods you will need to get started.

You can find examples of the integrations on Github .

2. Set up the webhooks

To receive notifications about your users and their Wert orders, you will need to set up webhooks. You can check all the details of how our webhooks work in the Webhooks page.

3. Test the integration in sandbox

After finishing your integration, make sure your code is working as intended and test the purchase flow in the sandbox environment. You can find information about it in our Sandbox page.

4. Go live!

We've prepared a short guide to going live which has all the steps you'll need to to complete so that you're ready for that big day! Just let the team know when that will be so that we can work with you to get everything done.

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