Error codes

Since, for the most part, we are simply executing from our wallet what you provide us in the input data field, we ask that you please follow the instructions provided for troubleshooting. If your issue relates to contract execution, please try to execute the transaction with the input data you pass to us from your own wallet and check for any issues.

Error codeDescriptionMeaningHow to resolve
8001BlockchainExecutionRevertedExecution reverted error from the node. It means that this input data can't be executed or the item has already been purchased.Check input data: all methods and variables are correct, but this data cannot be executed.
8002BlockchainInvalidInputDataInput data was incorrect even before it was sent to the node (input variables/method name/etc do not match).Check input data; either variables or methods contain an error.
8003BlockchainTransactionInjectionErrNode error. See the node response in the description.See the error description from the node. Most likely
’invalid method name’.
9001PartnerDoesNotExistThere is no such partner ID in Wert’s database. Check partner_id.
9002PartnerKeyIsInvalidIncorrect key_idСheck key_id.
9003PartnerInvalidSignatureThe signature is incorrect (E.g. incorrect data in the signature).Check the signature.
9004PartnerDataNotVerifiedBySignatureThe signature doesn't correspond to the input data (the signature may be correct but the wrong thing was signed).Check the signature, refer to this page .
9005PartnerUnverifiedContractSmart contract not verified on Etherscan/Polyscan or in Wert’s database.Verify the contract on Etherscan/Polyscan.
If you can’t verify the smart contract on Etherscan/Polyscan please refer to this instruction .
9006PartnerDisabledSCSmart Contracts are disabled for this partner ID.Interaction with smart contracts is disabled for this Partner ID, if you need to interact with smart contracts please contact partner support.
9007PartnerSCIDExistThis sc_id already exists in our database.Provide a new sc_id for this request.
1301CommodityDisabledCommodity is disabled.Сheck commodity.
1302CommodityUnknownCommodity doesn’t exist.Сheck commodity, network and origin.
1013commodity_amount: amount is zeroCommodity amount cannot be zero.Change your commodity_amount; minimum amount is about $1.50 on sandbox and $5 on prod.