Error codes

Error response

To troubleshoot the issue effectively, follow these steps to locate error responses using the Developer Tools:

  1. Go to the page with the error;
  2. Right-click and select Inspect;
  3. Go to the Network tab in the Developer Tools;
  4. Perform the action that triggers the error or refresh the page;
  5. Look for the red-highlighted request, which serves as the endpoint for the error;
  6. Click on the request to view its details, and inspect the Preview and Response sections for error information;
  7. Identify the error code and refer to the troubleshooting steps provided on this page.

Please get in touch with our partner support if you cannot solve the issue and need assistance. Screenshots are good — but not enough. To troubleshoot more efficiently, please provide us with the following information:

  • Request ID
  • Payload
  • Request URL

Refer to the animation below for help locating these details.

Error codes

Error code 8001

Blockchain Execution Reverted

The problem is either in your contract/input data or the item has already been purchased. In the error message, the part after "execution reverted" is a response from your contract. You should recognize and know how to troubleshoot this. If there is no response from the node, then it’s likely your contract isn’t verified, or you don’t have error responses set up.


  1. Verify your smart contract. If you are using a proxy contract, please save the proxy address against the ABI of the implementation contract.
  2. Check whether the input data corresponds to the ABI of the contract. You can use EVM ABI decoder.
  3. If your smart contract requires whitelisting wallets, ensure that you have whitelisted both our Hot Wallet and Estimation addresses. The estimation wallet might change; it rarely happens, and we will tell you if it does. Please get in touch with us to get the list of Wert wallet addresses.
  4. Ensure the amount contains no more than the allowed decimal digits. Please refer to Decimal Precision.
  5. Please make sure there are no restrictions or limitations on your contract that would prevent us from executing the input data.
  6. If the issue persists, please share a successful transaction hash from your wallet executing the same input data with us.

Error code 8002

Blockchain Invalid Input Data

Input data was incorrect before being sent to the node (input variables/method name/etc do not match).

Troubleshooting: Check input data; variables or methods contain an error.

Error code 8003

Blockchain Transaction Injection Error

Node error.

Troubleshooting: See the node response in the description. Most likely invalid method name.

Error code 9001

Partner Does Not Exist

There is no such partner ID in Wert’s database.

Troubleshooting: There are two different credentials for Sandbox and Production. Ensure you log in using the correct partner_id that corresponds to the environment you want to test in.

Error code 9004

Partner Data Not Verified By Signature

The signature doesn’t correspond to the input data; the signature may be correct, but the wrong data was signed.


  1. Check whether all required parameters are signed and are in the correct order.
  2. commodity_amount in your signed data must be a precision of 8 decimal places. Round up if it doesn’t meet this requirement.
  3. Check whether your private and public keys are correct.

Error code 9005

Partner Unverified Contract

The smart contract was not verified on Etherscan/Polyscan or Wert’s database.

Troubleshooting: Verify the contract on Etherscan/Polyscan. If you can’t verify the smart contract, please refer to this guide.

Error code 9006

Partner Disabled SC

Smart Contracts are disabled for this partner ID.

Troubleshooting: Check whether you have logged into the correct environment (production/sandbox). If it’s correct, please contact Wert's partner support team and provide us with your Parter ID.

Error code 1301, 1302

Commodity Unknown

Commodity doesn’t exist.

Troubleshooting: Make sure you use the correct commoditynetwork and origin that corresponds to the environment (production or sandbox) you want to use. Please refer to Supported coins and blockchains.

Error code 1400

Contract Not Payable

There is an issue with verifying your smart contract.


  1. Check sc_address and address contain valid data.
  2. Verify your smart contract.

Error code 1013

Invalid Field

Invalid data.


  1. The minimum order amount is approximately $1.50 on the sandbox and $5 on the production environment. Please update your commodity_amount if it is less than the required minimum.
  2. Check whether address and sc_address contains correct data.

Any error related to the SDK

e.g., widget full-screen or redirect problem, transparent OTP screen…

Troubleshooting: Update to the latest version of our SDK.

FKYC problem on Sandbox

e.g., stuck on the verification complete screen

Troubleshooting: Create a new sandbox account with a random phone number; OTP is 0000.