Welcome to the Wert documentation. This documentation will help you get started with integrating Wert but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our Discord channel or email us at [email protected].

Please be advised that our partner support team is only available during standard business hours Central European time.

You can also schedule an onboarding/demo call with our team via calendly.

Our solutions

We offer our partners two solutions depending on their needs; our fiat onramp is perfect for simple crypto purchases with a card while our NFT checkout allows your users to pay for NFTs or make purchases through a smart contract.

Both solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your product so your users can have a unified experience.

Get your sandbox credentials

The first thing things you will need to start integrating Wert are your sandbox partner ID and login details. If you don't already have these, please contact us via the #integrate-wert Discord channel or using one of the methods above.

If you are integrating our NFT checkout you will also be provided with your sandbox private key which will be used to sign payment requests.

Partner sandbox module tuner

To simplify the wallet top-up integration and provide you with ready to integrate code, we have developed the module tuner. In the module tuner, you can set up the widget language, available currencies and create custom themes to match your own website branding. Afterwards, all you have to do is copy the embedded code to add to your project. Alternatively, if you're using iframes, you can simply copy the redirect URL to display the widget.

You can find the module tuner on your Partner Dashboard in both sandbox and production.

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